This SITREP provides an update on the work of the Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund (HGMF) to review and enhance its charitable objectives in order to better serve veterans and their families.  Donna Campbell, a veteran, and wife of a long serving Patricia was asked to serve on the HGMF Board of Trustees.  She agreed and accepted the role of Chair for the “Veterans and Family Support Committee. In September 2022, she established a Veteran and Family Needs Analysis Team consisting of Mike Godspeed, co-lead, Shawna Bruce, Walter Semianiw, Jeff Virgo, Charles Redeker, Chuck Reece, and Paul Hale.  This team was tasked to examine gaps faced by members of our veteran community and propose new or updated charitable objectives to the HGMF.

The team met numerous times and identified several areas where the HGMF could improve assistance to veterans and their families.  The findings of the Veteran and Family Needs Analysis committee were presented to the HGMF Board of Trustees, and all recommendations were unanimously accepted.

The table below describes the proposed charitable objectives and who could provide the support indicated. These new objectives will increase HGMF support to veterans and families. It must be noted that while the intent of objectives will not change, the wording will likely be modified to meet the legal requirements of The Canada Revenue Agency.  It is hoped that these new objectives will be approved by CRA by 1 July 2023 or earlier.

I would also like to thank the Needs Analysis Team for the time and effort that they put into developing the proposed charitable objects.  They have set the HGMF up for success and will ensure that we have a much stronger focus on Veterans and their Families. 

Dave Pentney

Chair HGMF

Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund

Proposed New Charitable ObjectivesPossible Supporting Agencies and Comments
To provide emergency financial support to veterans and families by providing funds to assist in preventing evictions, provision of food cards and minor home repairs;  RC Legion Poppy / Service Officer – small bills, food cards.  Initial Coord at National Comd levelVeterans Association Food Bank (Calgary, Edmonton)Ottawa Inner City Ministry VETS CanadaRenos for Heroes Homes for Heroes – Calgary, Edm.  In process Kingston, WinnipegVAC Emergency Funds for Veterans
To promote the mental health of veterans and families through alternate types of therapy, such as:   Equine;Music/art;VetBuild (model building);Exposure therapy thru virtual reality;Youth camps (respite services), activities that a veteran cannot do with their children; and orOther medically/professionally recognized and approved types of therapy.Can Praxis Warriors Canada – Equine, Youth campsRC Legion – VetBuildVETS Canada – Guitars for VetsTrue Patriot Love – Music and Art Virtual Reality Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation CentreUniversity of Alberta Glenrose Hospital – CAREN
To promote mental health for disabled veterans through assistance for specialized sports or safety equipment;  Soldier On provides limited funding up to $1,000 currently and is not accepting new applicantsPara Athletes / Para Sport Ontario – Provincial bodiesPara Olympics
To promote mental health for services not covered or provided by others with emphasis on family members;  VAC provides assistance if directly linked to needs of the VeteranVeterans Transition NetworkWounded Warriors Canada
To promote mental health by providing communication equipment for isolated veterans;RC Legion – burner phones (pay as you go phone – 30-day limit)
To promote mental health and support for veterans who are long term hospital patients, paraplegics, quadriplegics, or isolated veterans by providing communications equipment, education, recreational activities, and interaction with others (laptop for communications/education, recreational activities, interaction with others); andRC Legion – Hospital Visit ProgramPromoting support for severely disabled veteransSunnybrook Hospital what do they do? Or need?PPCLI Association Branches Hospital / Home visitseducation on resources available and how to accessOver time, the HGMF executive may examine the possibility of hiring someone to assist in this area.
To provide transition employment assistance to veterans by allocating funds to assist in procurement of equipment for training and certification.  VETS Canada – in the past provided tools.  Do they still do this? Helmets to Hardhats (trades) VAC Education and Training benefit – nonmedical release>12 yrs service $86K6 years $43KMedical release SISIP / LTDOperation Entrepreneur Prince’s Trust Canada