2024 HGMF Educational Bursaries

The Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund Educational Bursary program is now accepting applicants for the 2024/2025 Post Secondary School Year!

The Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund Educational Bursary program was established to provide financial assistance for the purpose of advancing the post-secondary education of applicants.

In 2024 the HGMF plans to award the following bursaries

  • Hamilton Gault $4,500
  • Lady Patricia $4,000
  • Princess Patricia $4,000
  • Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund $3,000
  • The Moro $2,500
  • The Hitler Line $2,000

To be eligible, an applicant must be enrolled with an accredited post-secondary institution. 

The bursary awards are applicable to post-secondary students enrolled full-time in university, technical school, community college, or any other accredited degree or diploma granting institution anywhere in the world. Distance learning at an accredited institution are eligible for an Educational Bursary.

Applications must be fully completed and received by the HGMF Educational Bursary Coordinator at: email: [email protected] or mail: Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund Educational Bursary Coordinator, 39 Edinburgh Ct N, St Albert AB, T8N 6M8 not later than 15 July annually.

Applicants must have completed Grade 12 or equivalent prior to being accepted to receive a bursary. In addition to this form, applications must include:

  • an official transcript of last academic marks (Grade 12 or previous year post- secondary);
  • letter(s) of reference from high school principal/counsellor giving a summary of academic and extra-curricular achievements (as applicable);
  • letter(s) of reference from the unit Commanding Officer/PPCLI Association Branch President (if applicable);
  • if a cadet, a letter of reference from the Cadet Corps CO giving the applicants accomplishments; and
  • any other significant letter(s) of reference as required. Bursary recipients are required to acknowledge their commitment to successfully completing their year of studies (or face reimbursement of the monies) prior to the year, end.

Previous bursary winners wanting continuation of the subsidy must reapply in full each year, in competition with new applicants. Recipients will receive a bursary in the name of either Hamilton Gault, a past member of the Regiment deserving of recognition or one of the prime financial contributors as decided by the Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund Board of Trustees, whose decision is final.

Applications  must be received,  no later than 15 July, by  the HGMF Educational  Bursary Coordinator via mail:

[email protected]

or by mail

Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund

Educational Bursary Coordinator

39 Edinburgh Ct N, St Albert, AB T8B 6M8